Logo designs created with Adobe Illustrator.


Flyer designed for Adams Automotive using Adobe Illustrator, along with a stock image.


Special Menu Insert for Next Door Pub.  This flyer was created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Gift Card Project for Next Door Pub.  Holiday gift card (left).  Every-day gift card (right).


Events flyer for Next Door Pub, created with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Stock templates.


Menu insert created for Next Door Pub using Adobe InDesign.

Activities in Lake Como Wisconsi

During Design and Pre-Publishing class, we were instructed to create a brochure representing the town we live in.  I used my own custom photography and tried to utilize as much space on the brochure without over crowding it.  Adobe Photoshop and Adobe In-Design were used fort this project.

Forever Young Designs

This ad was created using Adobe In-Design as well as a photo I captured during a food photoshoot. Using Adobe Photoshop, I cut out the visible portion of the photo and placed it into this ad.

Forever Young Designs

As part of a contest, I designed this poster for the annual NISOD conference to be held in 2020.  This poster actually took third place within

 Gateway Technical College.  


This poster was created for Design Concepts Class.  The idea was to create a poster representing a social change that’s important to me.  I chose the topic of unrealistic beauty standards in today’s society.  Photoshop and Illustrator were used to create this project.

Foreve Young Designs

In Design and Pre-Publishing class, we were instructed to create a short newsletter.  I chose to write about one of my favorite subjects:  FOOD!  I used photos that I took during a food photography shoot and edited them to fit this newsletter.

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