Diversity Mask

This is a mask I created for an animated web banner.  It represents diversity among students at Gateway Technical College.


Self Portrait using typography to create lines, shades, and textures.  If you look closely, you’ll see that every line is created with words, phrases, and sentences describing myself.

Final Banner.png

Final branding project from Applied Exit Strategies Class.  Adobe Illsutrator was used.  I incorporated my maiden name into my company's name.  I'm working on figuring out a way to add a slogan to this website......something along the lines of "Creating ageless designs".


Photo illustration project:  First I took a picture of a music box surrounded by candles, in dim light.  Next, I turned the photo into a digital illustration by tracing the photo in Adobe Illustrator.  Using gradients and different texture tools, the photo came to life!


This pumpkin family originates from a drawing that I did for Illustration Concepts Class.  I turned my drawing into a digital illustration using Adobe Illustrator.  


Initials project, playing with different typefaces and placements.


This is a Bigelow Tea Box that I created using Adobe Illustrator.  Each element was custom designed in Adobe Illustrator and placed into the box template.

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